Episode 7 – Mark Grove (Finke Desert Race – Class Winner 2018 250cc)

I had the pleasure of sitting down recently for a great chat with Mark Grove.

Mark Grove, sponsored by the Penrite Honda Desert Racing Team, has had a very successful career in MotoCross, SuperCross, Enduro and Desert Racing.

Mark was at the top of his game through the 2018 season winning the 250cc class at the Finke Desert Race. Finishing 5th overall Mark managed the highest ever 250cc finish in a field of 500cc and 450cc bikes. Mark managed to come in in front of every 450cc machine in the race. Such an amazing effort by anyone’s standards.

Have a listen to our chat here and I hope you enjoy it.

(much love, stay safe) – Pete

Episode 6 – Jessie Rigby (Local Artist)

Art is something that many people take for granted. Including myself. My chat with Jessie opened my eyes to a few of the practices and processes around creating art and what it means to be an artist.

I hope you enjoy our chat.

About Jessie:

Jessie Rigby is a contemporary artist, specialising in mixed- medium abstract landscapes, layered textures and dreamlike scenes.

Residing in the Macedon Ranges, with her husband Simon, son Sebastian and their two dogs: Spoodle Bonnie, and Schnoodle George, Jessie finds limitless inspiration in the local Victorian countryside, utilising her ‘artistic eye’ to translate her surroundings into stunning works.

Originating from the ‘Rag Trade’, Jessie completed studies in both visual arts and fashion. With this experience, she spent over a decade designing garments for beautiful Australian labels.

This early introduction to design, texture and colour has enriched Jessie’ s creative flair and passion for whimsical aesthetics.

Applying her experience to the canvas, Jessie has developed a recognisable and “ingrained” colour palette, immediately appreciated by her clients.

Her works are created to ‘ calm and heal’, and imbue a shared feeling of tranquillity and peace.

Jessie’ s artworks are available as original pre-existing works, bespoke client commissions, limited- edition print ranges, and open- edition canvas reproductions. Original pieces can be sourced through her website and Instagram, some permanent exhibitions, and are also stocked in several artisan spaces, galleries and lifestyle stores across Australia.



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Episode 5 – Bob Nixon (Gisborne Peak Winery)

I caught up with Bob Nixon from Gisborne Peak Winery to talk about life, wine and what it takes to build a winery from scratch.

Gisborne Peak recently submitted 7 wines to to the 2021 Halliday Wine Companion and recived a well deserved 5-Star rating for 2 and an impressive 4.5-Star rating for the remaining 5.

I really enjoyed my chat with Bob which combined two of my passions in life. Agriculture and Wine.

You can find out more about Gisborne Peak @

Its well worth a visit.

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Episode 4 – Katrina Buttigieg (Macedon Ranges Mumma)

Episode 4: Katrina Buttigieg (Macedon Ranges Mumma)

Kat is a writer, blogger, teacher and occasional artist from Gisborne who has love for the Macedon Ranges and is very community orientated.

Kat runs a local blog called Macedon Ranges Mumma and a meetup group (when possible) that is all about giving the Mums (and possibly some Dads) of Macedon a place to seek creative and fun things to do with their children.

Kat has also been working on a Shop Local initiative with the aim to keep people shopping in the local area rather than the bigger shopping centres out of town.

Macedon Ranges Writers is Kat’s business that focuses on helping people with copy writing and content for their own websites and blogs.

Macedon Ranges Mumma:

Macedon Ranges Writers:

Shop Local Initiative:

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Episode 3 – Brad Course (OnCourse Triathlon Coaching)

Brad Course has completed 18 Ironman races around the world from Australia to New Zealand and twice in Hawaii. He is a 2 time Kona (World Championships) finisher and has a great story about what it takes to get through the 10+ hour Ironman races across the Swim, Bike and Run legs. .

Brad runs OnCourse Triathlon Coaching here in the Macedon Ranges and played a massive role in my first Ironman 70.3 race. I probably would have DNF’d without his guidance.

I had a great chat with Brad recently in the studio here at the ranch and hope you enjoy our conversation.

You can check out more about OnCourse Coaching on Facebook.

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Episode 2 – Lisa Stanton-Smith (LSS Nutrition)

Even though I am not always the most responsible with my food choices that doesn’t mean I don’t have a passion for nutrition. Good nutrition, in my opinion is essential not just for athletes but for the every day person as well.

Regardless if you work in an office or on a building site. Hit the gym hard or just head there to keep moving, nutrition and mindful eating should be a part of your plan from the moment you wake up until you head to bed.

To get the most out of life, get your nutrition sorted. Simple. You won’t be disappointed in what it can do for you.

For episode 2 of This Local Life, I caught up with Lisa to have a great chat about nutrition.

Lisa is highly qualified and highly recommended in the field of nutrition.

Lisa Stanton-Smith

Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine) & Director. 

Lisa completed her BHSc in Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine through Endeavour College in Melbourne. Prior to this she spent many years studying and working in Melbourne and Auckland amongst the best musculoskeletal specialists, marketing researchers, psychologists and horticulturists, in an attempt to understand the drivers of disease, nutrition, and human behaviour. Coupled with an elite running background, Lisa brings a unique understanding of human nutrition to every consult, and is passionate to help you on your journey to better health. Based in the beautiful Macedon Ranges, Lisa consults locally and online. Outside the nutrition rooms you’ll find Lisa walking or running the local trails, running tracks, gardening or admiring a sunset.

LSS Nutrition can be found here:

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Episode 1 – Tiffani Clingin (Liberty Health)

Welcome to This Local Life!

I caught up with Tiffani Clingin from Liberty Health in Gisborne to talk about all things health and happiness.

Tiffani has been living and working in mental health in the Macedon Ranges area for over 25 years and we had a fantastic chat. What better place to start for episode one that maintaining happiness during stressful times.

We discuss a number of things in this episode about how to work happiness into your daily routine. Two things we talk about specifically are:

VIA Strengths Profile:

A great place to start is the free survey. You will come out of this short survey with a great understanding of your core strengths.

5 Ways of to Wellbeing:

  • Connect
  • Be Active
  • Keep Learning
  • Be Aware
  • Help Others

Check it out here:


Bio: Tiffani Clingin

In 1994 Tiffani and her husband, Tony established an allied health practice, Liberty Health and Happiness, in the Macedon Ranges. They’ve maintained a bustling business in the same location for 26 years. At the moment they lead a team of ten practitioners and support people, offering chiropractic care, massage, nutritional consultations and counselling to clients throughout the community. They’ve won more than thirty local, state and national business awards and are highly regarded in their fields. 

Tiffani has qualifications in Social Work and Family Therapy and is enrolled in the Master of Positive Psychology program at Melbourne University. She is an accredited mental health social worker and a teaching member of the Effectiveness Training Institute of Australia. She works in private practice three days per week, and also hosts Parent Effectiveness Training, an eight-week program based on the work of renowned psychologist, Dr Thomas Gordon. Tiffani provides supervision and coaching for health practitioners throughout Australia and is a keen advocate for worker wellbeing. 

Tiffani has three children. Her eldest children, Oliver and Virginia, are health practitioners too, and Monte lives at home and is in year 11.


As always, if you have any comments or recommendations please let me know:


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