The mission is simple

"To bring the stories to life from the people who make this region special"

I'm Pete Fraser, host of This Local Life and Macedon Region resident. I am also a first-generation small acreage farmer of sorts. This Local Life aims to bring to life the stories of the wonderful people of the Macedon Region.

The Macedon Ranges has an amazing array of talented people, in this podcast we talk to the people that make this place awesome.

With a focus on life, health and the enjoyment of both This Local Life will take you on a journey around Mount Macedon and beyond.

Our guests and their interests vary broadly but we promise to bring you entertainment and great conversations with our the amazingly talented people who make this region the amazing place that it is

Feel free to reach out if you have any comments or queries regarding how we can improve the show and guests we should be talking to.

Much Love, Stay Safe!


Podcasting Goals


We love living here in the Macedon Ranges.


This regoin has so much to offer, its beuty alone promotes good health. Who wants to go anywhere?


I love to chat with the people who make this region so special. Macedon Ranges is amazing but our people really make it special.

Farming and Growing

Our community is a rurul community and farming and growing is an important part of our story. Tune in for more.